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Bimac is an industry leader in manufacturing high quality precision castings, including investment with a unique investment process and ceramic mold castings.

Rapid Prototyping


Our rapid prototyping capabilities significantly reduces the lead time and costs of casting projects, making the precision casting process even smoother.

The Bimac

We are a one-stop-shop, with a comprehensive portfolio of products and in-house services and investment casting processes, including proprietary wear-resistant alloys, consulting, research and development.

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Bimac specializes in creating the parts and tools used in the assembly line of the manufacturing process.
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Our quality, durable precision castings deliver high-performance for the demands of oil and gas machinery.
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Since 1959, Bimac has provided long-lasting, wear-resistant alloys for highly abrasive applications in the glass industry.
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Bimac’s quality precision castings help ensure the safe and efficient operation of your paper mill.
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Our castings are designed to maximize the operational efficiency and safety of life-saving medical equipment.
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To help ensure food safety, Bimac produces high-quality, highly durable parts for complex canning and filling machinery.
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