The BIMAC Difference

Bimac prides itself on being responsive and sensitive to our customers' needs and requirements, and providing innovative and creative casting solutions that reduce costs and maximize productivity and manufacturing yields.

Our highly experienced team of professional engineers and customer service personal are committed to excellence and eager to assist customers with the finest quality precision investment and ceramic mold castings, ranging from ounces to over 300 pounds, and utilizing over 100 different metals. In addition, we produce many proprietary alloys on a custom basis to meet specific customer requirements.

Our rapid prototyping services and in-house products and capabilities, including engineering and research, make Bimac a comprehensive one-stop-shop for clients across a range of industries.

Another key aspect of Bimac's value is our compliance with strict quality assurance policies and practices, including ISO 9001:2015, as well as various military, federal government, ASTM and ASM specifications. Bimac is a certified supplier for most of the major aerospace, aircraft and commercial industries in the United States, and we have been proudly serving our nation for over five decades.

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The BIMAC Difference

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