Investment Castings

Lost Wax Investment Casting

Investment casting, also known as lost wax investment casting, is a precision casting process used to create metal parts from almost any alloy, and is typically used to create complex, thin-wall castings. The use of investment casting accelerated during the 1940s as a result of military demand for specialized tools. Following World War II, the technique expanded into many commercial and industrial applications, and branched out to industries including automotive, glass, paper, medical and food. Since 1959, Bimac has been one of the leading investment casting providers in the Midwest.

Bimac’s investment castings facility works with a diverse portfolio of castings. We pour most ferrous alloys such as carbon steel, alloy steel, chromium-nickel stainless steel, chromium stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, and cobalt-based alloys. Bimac also pours most brass and bronze alloys. The size of our investment castings range from a fraction of an ounce to 100 pounds. Lead times will depend on the complexity of the part and capacity of the foundry. Generally, six to ten weeks is necessary for tooling and sample casting, and six to eight weeks is required for production. Contact us for educated estimations based on your project needs.

Interested in learning more? We've listed the key steps in the investment casting process in this easy to follow document.

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